How to increase the payout percentage in slot machines?

The most reverent topic of players is the payout percentage in the slot machines. The ability to change it, to catch the right moment for this, is the main topic of many heated debates. Unfortunately, competent players who know about the devices of slot machines, are familiar with various implausible stories, know that the percentage of payments cannot be changed in any case. There is only one possibility – to set up distinguishing payments, which depend on the number of coins. If the number of coins corresponds to the optimal value, then the maximum payout increases its value.

However, the change in the percentage of payments can be used not only by players, but also by unscrupulous owners of slot machines. Suppose today the payout percentage was 97%, and the next day it will have a value of 90% without any particular reason. In some countries, such fraud is punishable by law. As a rule, this action must be approved by a special commission. In some machines, the payout percentage is initially programmed in a hard range, for example 80-90% or 83-95%, and only within these limits can the game machine be configured.

However, if you open the firmware, then the percentage of payments can be reduced even to zero. Unfortunately, unscrupulous casino owners use this – they buy hacked firmware for slots and reflash slot machines. That is why it is better to use an online casino, in which it is impossible to conduct such acts, unless, of course, the casino is reliable and slot machines with a high-quality random number generator. So you can safely enjoy Doctor Love and other favorite games.

If the percentage of payments can be changed, then it is better to use it. There are some ways to do this without interfering with the operation of the gaming machine. Thus, the percentage of payments departs from its previous value, but at the same time, the game process itself, provided for by the rules, will not be violated.

The most accessible option for the player is to replace the values ​​in the payout table. There are slots that provide the ability to change the payout table in some game situations (bonus spins, the occurrence of certain combinations of symbols, etc.) For example, if 3 bonus symbols have fallen, falling a bonus symbol on the next spin will increase the payout on the line by 2 times.

You can also reduce the number of characters that appear on the game screen in old slot machines. Unfortunately, although the probability of winning increases, but the amount of winnings decreases. This affects the overall payout.

In old slots and video slots, you can replace one character with another. Let’s say in the bonus round we replace the bonus symbol with a simple one. Then a lot of small wins are expected (since the percentage laid down for simple symbols is much higher than bonus ones), however, there will be fewer large ones (payments for combinations of simple symbols are lower than for “special” ones). Then you can check by the number of payments whether you managed to improve the result.

What is happening in reality?

It is possible that small casinos twisted machines to stay in the win. It is doubtful that large, serious establishments are getting their hands dirty – their reputation is more important. In the world of virtual gambling, things are mixed. Sometimes there are numerous complaints from users that the winning results are unnaturally changing.

There were complaints about RTG and Microgaming, while there were practically no complaints in the direction of Playtech and Cryptologic. But still, players are better off choosing proven casinos where the payout process is controlled and gaming equipment passes special checks. In any case, you can always track the normal occurrence of bonus symbols, the number of free spins and other game situations. Guided by the advice of the site you can easily find a reliable casino.