Marksville Casino Concerts 2023

Marksville is an incredible place to enjoy a night of entertainment. Whether you are looking for a concert, comedy show or a tour of your favorite artist, there is something for everyone in Marksville.

Paragon Casino Resort is a massive hotel and casino in Marksville that offers a variety of country, rock and comedy shows throughout the year. Check out their upcoming concerts below and find tickets to the biggest events.

Paragon Casino Resort

Paragon Casino Resort is a massive hotel and casino complex in Marksville that attracts visitors from all over the state. In addition to its many gaming rooms and restaurants, it also features three unique venues for entertainment. The Mari Showroom, Club Mezzaz and Atrium Bar are all top-notch venues for live music and comedy events.

It’s not difficult to see why these venues are popular with locals and tourists alike. In fact, the venue is a hotspot for live entertainment with a lineup of shows that stretches all year long.

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Marksville State Historic Site

The 42-acre Marksville State Historic Site is located on a bluff overlooking the Old River, adjacent to the town of Marksville. Archaeologists consider this prehistoric Native American ceremonial center of unique national significance. It was developed two thousand years ago by people in central Louisiana, who developed a complex culture represented today by earthworks and mounds protected at the site.

The site was a ceremonial center where people from nearby villages gathered for social and religious events. The movements of the sun, moon, and important stars in the Milky Way determined the timing of these ceremonies.

A museum within the site showcases artifacts from the culture that built the Marksville site. These include elaborate mortuary rituals, conical burial mounds and other earthworks, complex trade networks, and decorative pottery.

Another must-visit place in Marksville is the Hypolite Bordelon House, which served as a residence of a Creole pioneer who arrived in Louisiana in the late 1700s. It is a window into the lives of these pioneers, and it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Rapides Parish Coliseum

The Rapides Parish Coliseum in Alexandria is one of the most prominent venues for music concerts, monster truck shows, trade shows, professional wrestling and other events. It has been around since 1965 and has hosted thousands of events throughout the years.

It is a 65,000-square-foot (6,000 m2) building that seats 6,500 people. It also has a 23,000-square-foot (2,100 m2) exhibition hall that is often used for trade shows.

There are plenty of activities to enjoy while visiting Marksville, including the Marksville State Historic Site and a museum that features earthworks built by indigenous peoples. You can also explore the Hypolite Bordelon House, which was constructed in 1820.

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Nightlife in Marksville

If you’re in the mood for a night on the town, Marksville has got you covered. The city is home to some of the state’s top-rated hotels and casinos, as well as a host of attractions and landmarks that draw visitors from across the country. The city also boasts a number of notable restaurants and bars to keep you entertained throughout the night, from upscale cocktail lounges to casual eateries.

The best way to enjoy a night on the town is to find the right venue that matches your specific needs. From the smallest bar to the largest casino, you’ll be sure to find the perfect spot for your next outing. When in doubt, be sure to call ahead to find out which venues will best cater to your specific tastes and needs. Whether you’re in the market for a date night, girls night or something to do with your kids, be sure to make note of which venues will be most suitable for your requirements.